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UX/UI Designer



A catalog for an imaginary toy company. 

For this project I chose to stay with a simple two-column grid to create a classic layout. The muted rainbow color palette was used to help create a fun yet modern approach to "play". My overall goal was to create a spread that was easily readable for adults and visually appealing to children.


A rebranding for a local restaurant, Vegan Food House, in the Dallas area. 

Going into this project, I knew I wanted to give a friendly and cozy feel to this restaurant's logo. I was inspired by their goal to make delicious comfort food with a healthy vegan twist. I used handwritten type and hand-drawn symbols that feature their specialties to give this place a personal touch that is sure to reach their customers.

green goddess

A project to create packaging for an imaginary kombucha brand.

I wanted to create a vintage-inspired company with a modern twist. With pastel colors, light-weighted type, and accents of metallic gold, I was able to create a refined and clean feel. In addition, the texture of the label supports the organic character of the brand.

Festival of the Arts

A unique poster design for EPCOT'S Festival of the Arts.

One of my favorite things about this festival is all of the incredible paintings that are featured. I took that as inspiration for this project in including design elements such as the small paint drip details and the surrounding frame. Adding the canvas texture really brings out the shadows and depth of the piece.